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With the internet becoming an indispensable part of our day-to-day lives, we find ourselves hooked and totally dependent on it. All our searches, browsing and explorations nowadays are done through the vast web of information that is the internet. Almost all devices that we use, be it mobiles or laptops, are now powered by the internet. And while the internet opens up a world of infinite possibilities and opportunities, it’s not always a bed of roses. While on the internet, one also runs the risk of exposing sensitive and private information to certain online rogue elements which may cause a catastrophe. Hence, it is imperative to secure your online devices against such threats, so that not only is your private information safe and secure, your device is kept out of harm’s way too. A host of anti-viruses and web security products are available to serve this purpose. Perhaps the best and most trusted amongst them is Webroot. Serving the very purpose of protecting your device against myriad online threats, and keeping your device secure, Webroot is one must-have tool on your devices. A renowned name in America, Webroot provides a comprehensive range of internet security solutions to consumers- both individual and businesses. With the power of Webroot, all your mobile devices at home like laptops, PCs and tablets and other connected devices can be secured and made internet ready. Users will find this product a boon since it acts like a firewall- protecting sensitive data and keeping hackers at bay. To get full information about webroot, please visit www.webroot.com.

Identifying Potential Threats and Checking Your Device’s Security:

With internet connectivity, comes not only vast possibilities, but also potential perils which can not only affect your device but also make it vulnerable to loss of sensitive and private data. Your computer’s security is most likely to be compromised if the following symptoms appear:

  • Sensitive data and files have been hacked.
  • Sudden loss of important data.
  • Pop-ups appearing frequently while you work on the internet.
  • The computer system slowing down and freezing/hanging frequently.
  • Delayed response time of installed applications.
  • Device unable to detect connected wireless device like printers and wireless networks.
  • Hard disk crashes.
  • Sudden automatic rebooting of the operating system.

If the above symptoms are identified by you on your computer, your system has most likely been affected by online security threats and needs to secured immediately. Depending on the problem encountered, you can choose the best Webroot offering to remedy it and secure your device again, bringing it back to good health. Webroot offers a host of security solution for all your internet security problems and concerns. From eliminating security threats to blocking potentially dangerous files and pop-ups, Webroot antivirus services can be utilized for a host of solutions which include:

• Updated security definitions provided by Webroot.
• Anti-virus installation to kill all viruses and junk files.
• Error fixation to keep the device running smoothly.
• Periodic scans to check the device security and identify suspicious files and programs.
• Set-up and configure Webroot Safe to synchronise with device configuration.
• Custom security settings to allow exceptions and block potential threats.
• Set up a firewall to protect your device and fix issues like screen flickering and device crashes.
• Analyse and scan network connections on PC’s, laptops and mobile devices.

Step by Step Installation Guide for Downloading Webroot from www.webroot.com/safe:

All Webroot products are easy to use and available for installation on the device you seek to secure. Your Webroot security package can be installed by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • To install or download your Webroot antivirus package, you need a device connected to a high-speed, stable internet connection. Log on to www.webroot.com/safe to download your Webroot security software on your device. 
  • Click on the Get Started button to start the download process at webroot.com/safe page.
  • Fill the form by entering your name, e-mail address, contact number, country of residence and the product key.
  • Keep your retail card ready and refer to it to enter the 20-digit alphanumeric key code to authorize your purchase. This code is your product key and facilitates the product download.
  • Once the security key and other information is entered on the Webroot safe page, click on the Get Started option and your download will start. The download would eventually complete and your Webroot software would be installed.

Following are some tips to troubleshoot any problem(s) encountered during product download or installation from webroot.com/safe:

  • All existing antivirus programs should be uninstalled and removed from the system prior to the Webroot product installation from www.webroot.com/safe.
  • If the automatic download fail, call the Webroot.com/Safe helpline number to get expert assistance. Slow and unstable internet connections are a major reason for download failures. 
  • Update your system software to the latest update patches so that it is compatible with Webroot Antivirus.

If you still encounter with any problem during your Webroot installation through www.webroot.com/safe, contact technical support of WEBROOT or you can call on their Toll-Free Number.

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