Webroot Brightcloud Threat Intelligence:

Just as important as threat elimination is threat intelligence- the ability to identify security threats and take suitable action. Created with the aim to make the internet a safer space to work and explore, Webroot Brightcloud Threat Intelligence service is real-time threat intelligence program which works non-stop to identify security threats and help protect sensitive and private user data. Utilising a highly evolved and complex mechanism, the service scans and analyses URL’s, IP addresses, downloads and mobile apps and warns against any threat that they may pose. The program also warns against insecure connections, prevents virus infections and nips them in the bud to prevent them from spreading further. Users are also protected against phishing attacks and hackable domains.

Complete Device Protection

Thanks to its cloud based operations and huge database of security definitions, Webroot Threat removal feature ensures that users have a seamless and safe internet experience and are guarded from any security threat. It has the following features:

Webroot Threat Removal service takes care of your internet security by continuously scanning your device for potential threats, malware detection and a real-time anti-phishing service. All identified threats are immediately removed.
• Aided by latest technologies like machine learning, The Brightcloud Streaming Malware Detection scans for and identifies malware, at a fast rate and acts accordingly.

More information about Webroot Threat Intelligence service can be obtained by getting in touch with the customer care via and e-mail or contacting them at Toll-Free Helpline Number.

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