Webroot Mobile Security:

Protect your mobile devices from viruses and threats with Webroot’s dedicated offerings for mobile devices. With dedicated offerings for major mobile operating systems, Webroot mobile security services are a must-have for everyone.

Webroot Mobile Security for Android

It is safe to say that today we spend more times with our mobiles and smartphones that with anyone or anything else. It is our window to the outside world and enables us to communicate, stay connected and multi-task easily. With the risk of private data being breached and mobile security compromised, it is highly advisable to have an anti-virus system like Webroot to protect and secure your mobile devices. Webroot mobile security services are a must-have on android devices considering the presence of 3rd party apps on the platform, which may bring along suspicious files and potential viruses. They help keep your smartphone virus free and issue real-time alerts on internet security.

Webroot Mobile Security for IOS

While the IOS platform may be reasonably secure, there are no similar guarantees about the internet. With millions of websites and web pages available, there is always a danger of your smartphone’s privacy being breached and sensitive and private data hacked. To protect from such perils, Webroot Mobile Security for IOS is highly recommended. It allows users to use the internet securely, while protecting the device’s security.

Webroot Mobile Phone & Tablet Security Antivirus Protection

With smartphones gaining immense popularity thanks to their power-packed features and ease of usage, we have come to rely heavily on them. Not only do we use it for surfing the internet, it also helps us make payments, store private data and other sensitive information. And while smartphones have evolved by leaps and bounds, none can lay claim to being fully secure. With a platform as colossal as the internet, mobile phones are increasingly vulnerable to viruses, malware, hacks and phishing acts. Hence there is an immediate need for products that secure and protect our mobile devices. Webroot is a pioneer in this field too, utilizing the cloud platform to extend its services to all smartphone owners, allowing them to safeguard their devices against potential danger. Bases solely on cloud, Webroot SecureAnywhere Business mobile security provides easy and comprehensive security solutions for your mobile device. The Webroot SecureAnywhere Business mobile protection is one such Webroot offering, helping secure your mobile device and optimizing mobile performance.

Following Are The Advantages of Webroot Mobile Security Support:


The Webroot SecureAnywhere Mobile protection service is a cloud-based software that offers unmatched security to connected devices and helps connect and organise multiple devices with it. Such an organisation allows harnessing the power of Webroot across a host of devices.

Easy Online Administration

Harnessing the power of the internet and the connectivity of all connected devices, Webroot allows you to administer your device health directly from your Webroot account, offering instant fixes to any problem(s) detected. The Mobile app dashboard gives you a complete information on your device health, running services and other device operations that may need a fix.

Covers a Host of Problems:

Webroot Mobile Protection softwares provides a complete range of security solution like Antivirus shields, Lost device protection and recovery, Spam SMS blocking, Secure and safe web surfing, password and locks for user privacy and much more.

In addition to that, the software identifies and monitors all running processes on the device and scans all downloaded files and apps.

Real-time alerts are sent via SMS to the user, informing him of and potential threat to the device and the action it may require.

Cloud Simplicity

• As stated above, Webroot Mobile security harnesses the power of cloud computing to help secure your device.
• Your device is kept up-to-date through regular updates, with the latest security definitions.
• Cloud based services keep the software hassle free.
• Real-time notifications via SMS and e-mail.
• Quick updates that don’t impede execution or proficiency.

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